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"My prior trauma follows me around like a shadow."

 "I'm numb.” 

“My childhood was taken away from me, but the pain is always with me.” 

“I want to be able to move on with my life after my emotional scars have healed."

Sometimes, when we get frustrated or upset, that frustration is often a surface emotion covering up a deeper wound or/and past negative experience triggered by words or actions. Our prior experiences can significantly impact our current lives, relationships, and day-to-day activities. Our past can deplete our sense of self, leaving us confused and unsure of what makes us happy, confident, and stable. This could lead to feelings of unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

 Unresolved conflict and past traumatic experiences can affect an individual’s life in a variety of ways, including:








Have you been unsuccessful in your attempt to heal your emotional wounds and enhance your life and relationships? If you have unresolved trauma that’s impacted your life, know that there is still hope. In Healing Den Counseling, you will be able to heal from trauma and reconnect with yourself, focus on your personal growth, and find greater joy in life. You will feel secure, comfortable, and supported in treatment with us as you master self-soothing, self-nurture, and self-regulation skills. We are here to walk alongside you as you work to heal your trauma.

  • Self-blame for traumatic events/toxic relationships

  • Relationship challenges

  • Trust issues 

  • Family problems

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Fear

  • Inability to self-soothe

  • Communication issues

  • Somatic problems (headaches, difficulty sleeping, stomach aches, etc.)

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